Concert Sponsors

We need your help to bring BIG entertainment to the Seneca County Fair!

There are multiple ways for you to help us attain this goal.  Whether you are looking to; promote your local business, support the youth of Seneca County, or simply contribute in making our hometown fair as great as possible, we thank you for your interest in supporting the Seneca County Fair.  It’s time to bring a special venue to our fair for the people of Seneca County to enjoy.  Help us bring excitement to Seneca County for EVERYONE to enjoy.

We respect your decision whether you are, or are not, able to assist in our efforts this year.  Your donation/sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and can be used as a tax deduction.  A receipt will be provided to you upon request. 

To provide this type of entertainment, we are looking at a cost of around $30,000-$50,000.  Please see our donation/sponsorship sheet and let us know which level of contribution interests you the most.  The planning for this type of event needs to begin immediately, so that we can make this event happen for this year’s special 181st Seneca County Fair!

Please review our concert sponsorship options and consider becoming a vital part in our effort toward making the fair greater than ever this year. 

All questions can be directed to:

Rod Daniel at
[email protected] or 567-230-2223

Sponsor Banners

Please review the following information pertaining to the banners that we use. If you already have your own, or someone that supplies them for you that is perfectly fine. Depending on the level of sponsorship you choose, the banner cost is also listed.

Any Grand Champion or Supreme Grand Champion donor ($5,000 ore more) the banner (4x8) will be supplied by the Seneca County Agricultural Society.

Blue Ribbon and Champion donors ($1,000-$4,999) will need to submit their banner to be displayed the night of the concert. (Any size up to 4x6). Please have them ready one week prior to the fair.

Any donor of $500-$999 can submit at 2x2 banner to be displayed the night of the concert. Please have them ready one week prior to the fair.

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Banner size and cost

Banner SizeCost